Friday, June 30, 2006

Warren Buffett Is The Man!

Okay, most of my friends know that I've always been a huge Warren Buffett fan. In high school, I read his shareholders' quarterly pamphlet, when he wrote that the stock market would crash because the tech bubble would burst. He warned that people who were heavily investing in technology stocks, and Silicon Valley in general, would get rocked. He went on further to point out that Berkshire Hathaway's B Stock (which I own) would not invest in the tech market, because he KNEW.

This was in 1998. The next year, the bubble burst. The economy died. And with it, millions of people lost jobs and were in trouble, and shit.

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So I tend to listen to him when he has something to say. After all, he is the world's 2nd richest guy (behind Da Billy G. Show).

And what a great idea that he should want to give away his fortune to charities. Specifically, the Gates' Foundation. He had planned on giving it all to charity when he died, but because his wife died before him, and they were planning on having her be the one to divide all the money, he decided to do it while he was still alive. So he is giving away about 4/5 of his money over a certain amount of years, depending on how well his Berkshire stock does each year (how fucking smart is he? He totally just ensured his stock will continue to go up for years to come by pledging this).

Who has a problem with this? I'll tell you who. Roman Catholics, the Family Research Council, and the Population Research Institute. They claim that his money will go to Planned Parenthood, which sponsors abortions. The Gates Foundation has made it abundantly clear that the money they give is earmarked NOT for abortions, but of course in giving them money, Planned Parenthood can move around funds from one side to another.

Now, with Buffett giving money to the Gates Foundation, these people are pissed.
"The merger of Gates and Buffett may spell doom for the families of the developing world," said the Rev. Thomas Euteneuer, a Roman Catholic priest.

They don't think Planned Parenthood is a good idea. A place where men and women can get free advice, free condoms, seek treatment for a number of reasons, and if need be, can get abortions. All securely and privately, too.

Planned Parenthood, which is the leading provider of abortions in the United States, has received $34 million from the Gates Foundation over the years -- out of a total of $10.5 billion in grants worldwide

That's .3% of the grants worldwide. I didn't write that down wrong either. .3% It's nothing. And they are worried about this. They make up some unsubstantiated number about how many "babies" have been killed (let's just say 500,000, shall we?) and proclaim that that's how many the Gates' have killed.
As a side note, it's funny that they pretend to care for the "babies", but then they round to a near number in representing each and every one of the deaths. 500,000? Does that mean that they just say, "oh, give or take a few." How hypocritical.

And here's the part that really ticks me off.
Beyond the issue of abortion, some critics oppose the Buffett and Gates foundations' support for global family-planning and population control programs.

"Some of the wealthiest men in the world descend like avenging angels on the populations of the developing world," wrote Population Research Institute president Steven Mosher, a frequent critic of Gates and Buffett. "They seek to decimate their numbers, to foist upon vulnerable people abortion, sterilization and contraception."

First of all, that quotation, about foisting upon "vulnerable people" is really saying the "un-Godly." That is, the people who don't have God in their lives are the ones who Gates and Buffett are preying upon, forcing them to take contraception and sterilization (does that mean that religious people aren't clean!?!?). So anyone who finds themselves in an unfortunate position are suddenly heathens, without God and alone? Ridiculous.

I have no clue who the Population Research Institute is, but it certainly sounds official. Too bad their views line up rather nicely with Roman Catholicism. Rarely do "institutes" that branch from religious views ever carry any weight on the youth.

In a statement today, Freedom Fighter, president of Freedom Under Corporations Keeping the Youth Obstensibly Underrepresented, said, "Hey, yo, Mosher. F.U.C.K.Y.O.U."

Warren is better than his distant cousin Jimmy,

P.S. One more picture of Warren Buffett.

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