Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Freedumb Tales! L.A. Gossip

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Okay Freedoms and Freedomettes, in our first installment of Freedumb Tales, we look at one particular private L.A. High School and the recent scandals with which it has been rocked.

Which private high school in the LA area (North Hollywood-Malibu) has recently:

1. had teacher and student protests (over a teachers spat involving the teachers' wife and her eventual death from cancer),

2. has been known to get its' name in the LA Times for "charitable work" (they must have a GREAT PR guy),

3. had to invent a reason to fire their version of a vice principal because they were worried his "gayness" was being forced onto the children,

and now

4. had a student-teacher relationship develop out of the student's need to pass and the teachers', manly NEEDS.

And it's not: Oakwood.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken

Okay, so I got a comment asking my thoughts on recent current events. It goes a little something like this, ___ __. (Fill in the blank!)

Immigration March, or a Day Without an Immigrant.

It was alright. I mean, I couldn't get my Subway sandwich in the morning, because the restaurant was closed. But there was another one still open closer to work anyway. But besides that, it makes a lot of sense that Immigrants should have the same rights as citizens. But you haven't heard much about it lately, have you? Doesn't it seem like it was brought up in the same way that the whole recent talks from Republicans about gay marriage were brought up? That is to say, pushing an agenda right before a vote or election? Immigrant rights is an issue often times championed by Democrats, and I wonder if it was really meant to do anything except get in the news for one or two full news cycles. And of course, the news stations played it like a national emergency. (AHHH!! THE IMMIGRANTS ARE COMING TO GET US! RUN TO YOUR BOMB SHELTERS WITH YOUR PRESERVED MAYO AND WHITE BREAD AND AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS!)

I do have to give Gov. Schwarzenegger some credit though, because, he being an immigrant himself, he was encouraging people not to protest. He was disappointed by people protesting, no doubt because of two reasons: 1. California is SEVERLY dependent on our immigrant population, and ANY day where their production isn't counted severly hurts our economic situation, especially considering the fact that we're in such economic dire straits as it is. And 2. Regardless of the fact that he is an immigrant, he's also rich, and therefore immigrant rights don't really affect him. Once you have money, they won't do anything to you. And there will ALWAYS be people willing to take the shitty jobs no one else wants to do because there will always be immigrants.

And here's my point: There will never be any days without immigrants. Ever. It's an empty threat. This day was designed to show how much of the economy is based on immigrant jobs, which Washington already knows. They know immigrants account for a lot, it's just that immigrants here are living MUCH better lives than they were because they came here. So it's not like immigrants are going to leave the U.S. and go back home, they are here to stay, with or without citizen rights.

So while I support immigrant rights and all that, I don't see it happening. Not as long as THE MAN is still in power.


P.S. The title is from a shirt that I saw a protester wearing during the protests, a sly reference to the fact that Mexicans are stereotypically "lazy." It's at once subtle, passive aggressive and threatening at the same time. That's the spirit!

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