Friday, January 20, 2006

19. Still B.I.N.

A new Bin Laden tape surfaced yesterday, where once again he told us to be ready for another attack. He said that Al Qaeda is waiting for the perfect time to launch a huge attack on America. It's "imminent." This is his 19th taped message since 9/11. I'm STILL prepared for an attack, STILL living in fear, STILL looking for suspicious characters. STILL rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease.

I'm a little confused though on how I should feel. If I take his threat seriously, and I check every suspicious person who walks by, and I run full sprint from the house to my car, speed through the grocery store, avoiding touching anyone for fear they may have something planted on them, aren't I just playing into his plan? Doesn't he want America to be frightened, and to create chaos and anarchy by his "imminent" threats? It seems to be working on Wall St. As I write this, the Dow is down more than 150 points, because crude oil is at $68.30 a barrel on concern over the latest audio tapes that surfaced Thursday warning of new al Qaeda attacks and ongoing concerns about a possible cutoff of supplies from Iran.

On the other hand, if I DON'T worry about an ongoing terrorist threat, and live my life like I'm supposed to (and as the President suggests) then I may not be as prepared as I could be in case a terrorist attack DID happen. I would have let my guard down, which sucks. I don't want that to happen.

So which one should I be? Anxious, nervous and on my tippy-toes? Or non-chalant, non-reactant and apathetic. Well, considering that seems to be my M.O., or at least MY GENERATION's "M.O.", I think I know which way I should turn.

This is what I get when I type "Apathetic" into google images. Somehow it makes sense.

What about you?

Free To Be You And Me

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Track 18: (Untitled)

I wanted to take a second and explain the links I have put up to the side. Everyone should take a look at them.

I have added the BBC News link because it is one of the least bias news sources out there for talking about American politics. It is also one of the only sources I can look at to get international news. America seems to have this thing where we don't talk about things that aren't happening in America, so I have to go outside to get this kind of news.

Balloon Juice is a great blog written by John Cole that mixes satire and political commentary, much in the way that Freedom Fighter does, just with better clarity and a general sense of DISPENSING commentary, not receiving it.

Political Animal is another great blog that's an offshoot of Washington Monthly. Washington Monthly, in their own words, say, "Are you fed up with the imperial Bush White House? The timid Democrats? The spinnable national media? Well, now is the time to join people such as Warren Buffett, Paul Krugman, Garry Trudeau, Molly Ivins, Bill Clinton, and the producers of "60 Minutes" and "The West Wing" who turn to The Washington Monthly each month for journalism that isn't afraid to shake some sense into the system. If, like them, you're hungry for the inside scoop on what's really happening in Washington and what can be done about it, you need our incisive and original coverage."

Wonkette is part of Gawker Media, and is a gossip site for Washington D.C. politics as well as life there in general. I also read Gawker and Defamer, because I HEART juicy Gossip.

Fox News, I'm sure, is off-putting to many people who read Free To Be You And Me. It seems like an odd choice, but it makes some sense. I like to read a bit of what the right-wing comments on, and what they think the top stories are. I like to read their spin on it, in the same way I read to get a different take on the situation. This hopefully makes the information I get a bit more balanced.

Metropolitan Los Angeles Blogging is really a no-brainer for anyone who blogs from L.A. They are very vocal in local politics as well as local events. I am all about community, so it's nice to know there is a community of Los Angeles bloggers.

If you have any other choices for Freedom Links, let me know. I am always looking to seek out more and more information.

Free To Be You And Me

Monday, January 16, 2006

17. A Flag is Down

I was driving down Wilshire Blvd in West L.A. today and I saw something interesting. A flag from a pole high above the VA had fallen down and was floating around on the street. It wasn't made of cloth, though, it was a flag made from banner material. Don't know what you'd call that. I pulled off the side of the road to watch it for a second, it was not unlike the scene in American Beauty with the plastic bag. After about a minute, I realized that it was still there, and no one was picking it up or moving it off to the side. They were just avoiding the flag from falling on their windshield and they wouldn't be able to see over it.

Which brings me to my point: Does America care anymore? Didn't the flag used to be a symbol for every ideal America held close to their hearts? Didn't people use to make sure the flag didn't touch the ground, or make sure it never got stepped on, or dirtied, or wrinkled even. I know this is a lot to get just from one minute of watching this spectacle, but doesn't it seem true?

This is a copy of Rosamond Johnson's
"The Old Flag Never Touched the Ground."

Are Americans sick of being Americans? Won't someone help pick up American spirit, American ideal, or American pride?

Of course, it should be pointed out that Freedom Fighter did not pick up the flag. He was late for a Freedom Lunch.

Free To Be You And Me