Wednesday, January 11, 2006

15.5 Better Than...Freedom Fighter?

This is a response I got in relation to my last post, 15. Better Than Ezra. I wanted to post it (at the approval and anonymity of the author) because I wanted to show everyone that I am open to new ideas, always looking for the right answer. Please feel free to email me anytime, for questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

Freedom Fighter,

After reading your last post "15. Better Than Ezra" I must write in to express my views on what the authors of the L.A. Weekly must have been thinking when they wrote this article. I have read it, so I'm thoroughly prepared.

First of all, Ezra Klein and Joshuah Bearman wrote this article in jest. Since it is a left-tinged weekly reader with an entire issue devoted to top 10 lists, it only made sense to have one dedicated to this idea.

Bush HAS failed as a leader, and he should be held accountable for his actions and should pay the price (a lasting image of him as a failed President would do fine by me). I don't think what Klein and Bearman thought they were doing was taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others like Hurricane Katrina victims, I suspect they were merely taking pleasure in watching the President squirm. Everyone in this country feels for Hurricane Katrina victims and everyone else hit with hardship this year. We ARE all in "this" together (as you yourself say in your profile) so it's important not to jump to the conclusion that the authors don't care. They think that the Democrats can fix the problems that Bush has created, so they presume that everything will be alright and it is safe to criticize the President.

Criticism is good for a country. At the very least, it shows interest in the subject and a willingness to learn some of the facts. If people can learn some of the facts, surely getting more information won't be hard, right? People can have criticism but still support the country and the President. I have many reservations about him and his supporting staffers, but I will continue to support his decisions with the best of intentions and well wishes. When he succeeds, the country can begin to grow. And at time like this, the growth of the U.S. is important.

Very Best,

Free To Be You And Me


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That person is f-ed up, man.

Don't listen to them, FF. You're right, even though they weren't thinking about it, they probably DO take pleasure in having something to write about, some event to get people to listen to them.

Kinda like bloggers, but most can do it anonymously.

1/11/2006 11:49 PM  

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