Friday, January 06, 2006

14. Help! (piano only version)

Freedom Fighter is searching for a job. He has to put Freedom Food on the table, and pay his Freedom Bills.

Today I interviewed for a position, and the employer asked me why I had worked in so many different fields. And I started in on my prepared answer, where I talk about how that's actually a big advantage that I hold because it makes me a more rounded person, and I'm able to approach problems and general work in different and thorough ways.

Then a funny thing happened. I realized that it looks like I'm on a search for the perfect fit, for the job that will make both me and the employer happy. It must look incredibly wise to the employer, something that everyone wants, and here's a guy that is actually doing it. "Here's a guy," they'll say, "that really has his values in perspective." I'm searching for life. I'm searching for the American dream. I'm searching for meaning.

But that's not necessarily true. In all actuality, I'm just too lazy to get a real job. I don't want the responsibility that comes with it. I don't want to be yelled at when someone else does something wrong, I don't want to be forced to clean up other's mistakes. I don't want that kind of pressure, always on the cusp of being fired because I lack seniority, not skill.

And what a great example of my generation. That's SO us, isn't it? I don't want the responsibility of having to clean up older people's failures. Let them deal with it, I just want to kick it and chill. Drink a beer. BBQ a veggie burger. Hang. But I'm forced to be put in this situation that isn't really benefiting any of us, now is it? I'm forced to go out there and get a job, like my generation is forced to take the political reins and take everything headon.

Some of us will want to get an important job right out of college, with prestige and responsibility and a corporate credit card. (Hint: They EVENTUALLY pay you back...) Those people out there suck. Think about them. Take a moment and think of all the kids who were excited to get a job right out of college (or high school, at which I hear some kids stop their learning). Now think about if you liked them. Most chances are, you didn't. 'Cause they were putzes.

Do you know what a putz is?

It's a worthless person. It is a person that sucks. People who suck.

But, you know what sucks even more? Those are our shiny examples to the older people that we should have more and more responsibility tacked on. They say, "Well, Charlie Putz can deal with it. He's RESPONSIBLE." Well, good for him. He also won't get laid for any reason other than money. And do you want that to happen to YOUR son, mom? DO YOU?!!?!?

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