Saturday, December 31, 2005

11. The Kids Aren't Alright (Diddy label remix)

Thank you to “anonymous” for your post about not giving up trying to reach the youngsters with political rhetoric and trying to gain momentum for the youth to lead. Maybe you’re right, but we should try and figure out how. Diddy tried with his “Vote or Die” campaign, which didn’t amount to much (especially since one of the biggest advocates of the campaign, Paris Hilton, didn’t even vote herself.)

Yes, I know what Bye Bye Birdie is and what the reference is of which you speak. The musical number from the guy that Steve Carrell played in “Bewitched” and some other old lady, “Kids.” You probably know the song as “What’s the Matter With Kids Today.”

I like that version, but I am surely in the minority when I say I have seen/heard of Bye Bye Birdie. But I bet kids of my generation will remember the Simpsons parody of the song:

Kids: Adults!
Adults: Kids!
Kids: Adults!
Adults: Kids!
Kids: Adults!

Lovejoy: Kids! You've had your fun, now we've had our fill.
Homer: Yeah! You're only here 'cause Marge forgot her pill.
Wiggum: Kids, you're all just scandalizing, vandalizing punks.
Krusty: Channel-hopping, Ritalin-popping monkeys! Please don't quit the fan-club!
Marge: Kids! I can nag and nag 'til my hair turns blue!
Edna: Kids! You bum my smokes and don't say 'thank you'!
Rod & Todd: Why can't you be like we are?
Adults: Oh, what a bunch of brats!
Moe: We oughta drown you just like cats!

Bart: Adults! You run our lives like you're Colonel Klink!
Nelson: Adults! You strut around like your farts don't stink!
Lisa: Adults! You're such a drooling, boring, boozingboring bunch. Surly, meany, three-martini lunchers...
Ralph: I just ate a thumbtack!

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Friday, December 30, 2005

10. Schwarzenegger and Kennedy and Shriver

I'm from California. My governor is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I shouldn't really like him, but I still kinda do. Let me explain.

He's centered non-offendingly in the middle on many issues. When he began this year with a 58% job approval, he had many supporters from both sides. Then, he decided to hold this really weird "special election" to vote on some measures that were VERY Republican and right-wing oriented. He did this no doubt against many of his advisors' wishes. On Nov. 8, California voted against all his initiatives, because they sucked. That was a stupid mistake. But then he did something weird. During his concession speech of sorts, he thanked everyone for voting and for their opinions. I think he was interested in showing people that he was doing SOMETHING, and what better way to show that than having an unusually timed vote. However, it failed.

So what's he up to now, you may ask? Well, he's starting to move back to center. He is confering again with democratic leaders in California about upcoming issues in the State of the State address. And he has now hired Democrat Susan Kennedy to be his chief of staff. Kennedy is a former Gov. Gray Davis official (Democrat). She is also the ex-head of the California Abortion Rights Action League, and a lesbian. WAY left-of-center, right? It has to be said that she is also pretty good at her job, so maybe it has to do her with success at the job instead of her gossipy extracurricular resume.

However, he is still treading a very fine line now because of the fact that California has just as many radical Republicans as it does Democrats, and he is trying to make friends with the Democrats while not pissing off the Republicans. Very. Fine. Line.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

09. Bluebeard

Thought you guys might like to read this excerpt from Kurt Vonnegut's "Bluebeard".

I compained to Slazinger and Mrs. Berman at supper last night that the young people of today seemed to be trying to get through life with as little information as possible. "They don't even know anything about the Vietnam War or the Empress Josephine, or what a Gorgon is," I said.
Mrs. Berman defended them. She said that it was a little late for them to do anything about the Vietnam War, and that they had more interesting ways of learning about vanity and the power of sex than studying a woman who had lived in anotyher country one hundred and seventy-five years ago. "All that anybody needs to know about a Gorgon, " she said, "is that there is no such thing."

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

08. Meet The PaREntSS

This post is in relation to a comment I got in my comment section. I urge everyone to leave a comment. XOXO

This weekend I watched Meet the Press, an incredibly cool show with Tim Russert that puts a lot of politicians and talking heads on the hot seat and demands accountability. It’s been around for 58 years, almost as long as my dad (59). If nothing else, it makes for good internet fodder. (See: this post)
This episode featured Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw, who are alright guys, actually. Very personable, and such funny voices, such characters. Anyway, this show had a lot of talking points in relation to my blog, so I thought I’d post this part.
From Sunday, December 25, 2005’s edition of Meet The Press with Tim Russert:

MR. RUSSERT: How do you make these stories interesting to people?

MR. KOPPEL: I think the only way you can make them interesting is to bring them down to the individual level. And the fact of the matter is that when we show one person whose pension has just been taken away from her or him...

MR. RUSSERT: That's memorable.

MR. KOPPEL: That's memorable, and you can say, "I identify with that person," or people out there watching your program can say, "I identify with that person." I think the medical care, which is a function of what we're talking about--yes, we have been priding ourselves on having the best medical care in the world--and you know something? You [points to Mr. Russert] can get the best medical care in the world, he [points to Mr. Brokaw] can get the best medical care in the world, I can. Most Americans can't. And there are 43 million Americans who aren't getting any medical care at all. That is a scandal. And...

MR. BROKAW: That is getting attention at least, where people are trying to come to grips with that. And what was so stunning to me was that the Bush administration, after winning very sizeable popular vote in the 2004 election, put as its highest priority the reform of Social Security and not health care in America because I thought that's where most people were concerned.

So he’s right. It’s hard to make people listen to the stories and underlying purpose of politics unless it’s equated on a basic level with everyone. That is, if the media threatens the audience with the idea that it could happen to them, the audience will listen. Kinda explains some stuff, right? So, is the media knowingly doing something good when they constantly try to threaten us with the latest disease, or political "scandal," or foreign war? Or do they just do it for ratings, trying to overblow the threat to make us watch?

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Monday, December 26, 2005

07. Centerfield (Put Me In Coach)

Elisha Hearts Freedom Fighter!!

Who cares about steroids? Why was there a congressional hearing about baseball? The only legitimate reason I can think of is that state governments (or federal government) has a stake in the ball clubs and stadiums. The cities DO pay for a chunk of the project, as well as taxes, etc. Can the Congress revoke this? And should they?
I don’t know, I don’t necessarily care. Baseball is almost as bad as hockey, which APPARENTLY is going on right now. I haven’t seen anything about hockey since I used to play Mario Lemieuieueieueiux Hockey on Sega Genesis in probably 1995. DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT HOCKEY? Yes, one person. My future girlfriend, sadly. And by future girlfriend, I mean “someone I will have no interaction with physically, emotionally, psychologically, or metaphysically. EVER.” Le sigh.

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06. Let's Talk About Politics, Baby, Let's Talk About You And Me

Thank you for the comments you have left for me. I wanted to remind y'all that I have a comments section where ANYONE can post anonymously if you wanted. Let me know everything there is to know from your pretty little heads.

I have also set up a Gmail account if you have something you want to say to me that won't fill up my comments section. Feel free to send links, articles, etc. If it's pertinent and helpful, I will ask if I can post it on the website. So, keep that in mind.

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