Saturday, December 24, 2005

05. The Ruler's Back (Blueprint Intro)

I realize that I never fully introduced myself to the world. Even though I kind of expect people just to know me and know my deal, in case you don't...

I grew up in Los Angeles. I'm 22. I'm old enough to understand why it's shitty that Tookie was killed, I'm old enough to know people who died in wars, but I'm not old enough to care about California Skaquake, like my older sister.

So, in the words of a leader of kids in my generation:
What you about to witness is my thoughts
Just my thoughts man - right or wrong
Just what I was feeling at the time,
You ever felt like this, you vibe with me

Free To Be You And Me

04. No T.V. Party Tonight (feat. Henry Rollins)

Quick bone to pick. I always hear people telling people that America isn’t a country that believes in violence. They say, “That’s not MY America. We are a liberal country that promotes peace.” This is stupid. America is SO violent. Besides us having the highest gun-related murder rate in the world, WE ALSO BUTT INTO SITUATIONS AND START FIGHTS. America is a violent country, this is a violent society we live in and anyone who can’t say that doesn’t understand the situation. John Lennon wrote “Imagine” with the idea that we aren’t at ALL like the song. “Imagine no possessions.” Which is okay and all, but the weird socialist, communistic anarchism that he talks about in the song isn’t that cool sounding to me. No possessions? I want my MTV!!!

Free To Be You And Me

Friday, December 23, 2005

03. Sneaky Feelings (an ode to the better Elvis)

photo courtesy of Daisy's Funnies.
Eavesdropping. I consider myself a great people watcher. Coming from a background in filmmaking, I can look at a situation and pick out certain nuances to add much further depth into what I’m seeing. I pride myself on it. Bush admitted to eavesdropping, but tried to claim that it was legal and within the laws of the Patriot Act. Which is stupid. Everything about this is stupid. Even republicans like Rep. Mary Bono (Sonny, not Irish) believe this is stupid. Here’s my problem with it. What constitutes (ironic word use recognition time) the boundaries he can use? What if I ask my friend if he’s been to Washington D.C. lately to visit all the tourist attractions and to see the Cherry Blossoms open? Am I gonna start hearing clicking noises on the other end of my line?

Here’s where the line gets blurred. Or thinned, I’m not sure which is which. What if they catch onto a MAJOR drug deal. Technically, it’s not a terrorist threat. But that would be a huge break for their fight against drugs. They have no jurisdiction getting involved legally, right? I’m sure there’s something they can say to bypass that, but it doesn’t seem legal, even though something like that would be a good thing to stop. Down with drugs, up with hugs.

Free To Be You And Me

Thursday, December 22, 2005

02. Britney Spears On The Cover of Rolling Stone

I read the Economist. Not because it is foreign, and therefore funny when they write colour, and honour. Hehe. But also because they know their shit. And they know it better than other people who do the same job for other magazines. Time Magazine is having a problem where they think the way to attract kids my age is by dumbing down the topics, making sentences smaller and injecting more youth culture references into their writing. Cool! I applaud them for tackling some of the youth-oriented subjects, like Kanye West, who is amazing in many ways, but also because I genuinely believe someone there WANTS kids my age to get more involved. Tight! Rolling Stone tries its weakened tired hand at politics sometimes, and I approve. I really just flip through them, looking at the caricatures and then going to the semi-nude pictures of whoever it is on the cover. (Aside: remember Britney Spears’ first layout?) But nonetheless, fill it with whatever vaguely left-wing opinion you want. People will choose to read it, some people won’t. Opinions may change, or they may be reinforced. Fetch!

Because what marketing experts don’t understand, as well as magazine publishers and whomever else gets paid for pretending to know anything at all, is that we have opinions. We have beliefs and we have convictions. However, they are based pretty much on hearsay and misinformation. I think it is noble for venues like MTV to air a show about middle East tensions, but without following up on the current events or researching further after the show, the most in depth a person will get into that relationship is questioning why everyone dresses up as a Halloween ghost, 365 days a year.

What do y’all think? Is there any hope to trying to reach out to my generation on a topic as intense and important as politics? Leave a comment.

Free To Be You And Me

01. Intro Track (feat. Kylie Minogue)

I am a product of America. I am the fruit and labor, the destruction and ruin, the drunken and sober creation of America. I am part of this lost generation of kids who aren’t “Gen X” but “Gen Why?” Older generations may not like what has become of this lost generation, far more unrealized than any generation before. We are lazy, inactive, politically apathetic, socially inept if not for medications. Older generations will cry, “Well, we were never on drugs as kids. What the hell is wrong with you!?!” And they’re right. I will not make excuses for my friends and my generation. I will not make excuses for myself. My parents were never on Ritalin, on Prozac, on Blitzer, on Dasher, on…They watched Dick Clark and drank at soda fountains, they laughed at Shelley Berman and Sid Caesar. They listened to Elvis, while THEIR parents cried at the destruction of that generation.

But, as my personal hero Bob Dylan sang, the times they are-a changin’. Yes, they thought the Cuban Missile Crisis was real (my parents were 14 and 12 at the time), their leaders were lost in senseless assassinations. They grew up during the civil rights movement. Good for them. My parents are still vaguely racist.

So, what excuse do we have? 9/11? Yeah, that was scary. The Cuban Missile crisis didn’t happen. 9/11 did. Terrorism is a threat that scares the shit out of me. (I don’t know if I can curse on yet, I have to look into that…) Well, we aren’t in a draft, like my dad was (flat feet and near sightedness are what got him out of serving. What the fuck kind of army did we have back then? White, blond hair, blue eyes-style requirements?!!) The Iraq war is not something I condone, whatever name the Bush administration give it (Fight for Freedom? The Libretto for Liberty? That one is MY term! Use it, but give me credit!!!) But, here we are.

Sometimes I wish I could be a speechwriter. I’m not an amazing writer, but I can put sentences together structurally. I would probably just lift my speeches from song ideas or plagiarize, like I did my entire college career. I would have Bush up there at the mic, addressing the president of Iraq (Cheney?) via satellite at a U2 concert (Garth?) and the President of Iraq would say,

“Everything went from wrong to right, and the stars came up and filled up the sky. The music you were playing really blew my mind, it was love at first sight.”

Points to the person who knows that song.

We have no excuse. A note to my generation: WAKE UP. This is not a call to arms. My generation has no arms to spare, with one being on the Adderall bottle and the other on a bong. Or a hookah. Or an apple. Or a one-hitter. Or a plastic water bottle. Or a big water jug and a bath tub. Or a joint. Not like I would know any good techniques….

Let this blog be a diary in the life of a recent college grad seeped in the popular culture of the times around him. Let this blog be a sign o’ the times by someone on the ground, like A.C. in New Orleans. I will not offer many answers, as I don’t know them, but I will ask some good questions. And if politicians or speechwriters, or military personnel or civilians want to throw some ideas in, I would be the better for it.

Free To Be You And Me