Saturday, December 31, 2005

11. The Kids Aren't Alright (Diddy label remix)

Thank you to “anonymous” for your post about not giving up trying to reach the youngsters with political rhetoric and trying to gain momentum for the youth to lead. Maybe you’re right, but we should try and figure out how. Diddy tried with his “Vote or Die” campaign, which didn’t amount to much (especially since one of the biggest advocates of the campaign, Paris Hilton, didn’t even vote herself.)

Yes, I know what Bye Bye Birdie is and what the reference is of which you speak. The musical number from the guy that Steve Carrell played in “Bewitched” and some other old lady, “Kids.” You probably know the song as “What’s the Matter With Kids Today.”

I like that version, but I am surely in the minority when I say I have seen/heard of Bye Bye Birdie. But I bet kids of my generation will remember the Simpsons parody of the song:

Kids: Adults!
Adults: Kids!
Kids: Adults!
Adults: Kids!
Kids: Adults!

Lovejoy: Kids! You've had your fun, now we've had our fill.
Homer: Yeah! You're only here 'cause Marge forgot her pill.
Wiggum: Kids, you're all just scandalizing, vandalizing punks.
Krusty: Channel-hopping, Ritalin-popping monkeys! Please don't quit the fan-club!
Marge: Kids! I can nag and nag 'til my hair turns blue!
Edna: Kids! You bum my smokes and don't say 'thank you'!
Rod & Todd: Why can't you be like we are?
Adults: Oh, what a bunch of brats!
Moe: We oughta drown you just like cats!

Bart: Adults! You run our lives like you're Colonel Klink!
Nelson: Adults! You strut around like your farts don't stink!
Lisa: Adults! You're such a drooling, boring, boozingboring bunch. Surly, meany, three-martini lunchers...
Ralph: I just ate a thumbtack!

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