Friday, December 30, 2005

10. Schwarzenegger and Kennedy and Shriver

I'm from California. My governor is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I shouldn't really like him, but I still kinda do. Let me explain.

He's centered non-offendingly in the middle on many issues. When he began this year with a 58% job approval, he had many supporters from both sides. Then, he decided to hold this really weird "special election" to vote on some measures that were VERY Republican and right-wing oriented. He did this no doubt against many of his advisors' wishes. On Nov. 8, California voted against all his initiatives, because they sucked. That was a stupid mistake. But then he did something weird. During his concession speech of sorts, he thanked everyone for voting and for their opinions. I think he was interested in showing people that he was doing SOMETHING, and what better way to show that than having an unusually timed vote. However, it failed.

So what's he up to now, you may ask? Well, he's starting to move back to center. He is confering again with democratic leaders in California about upcoming issues in the State of the State address. And he has now hired Democrat Susan Kennedy to be his chief of staff. Kennedy is a former Gov. Gray Davis official (Democrat). She is also the ex-head of the California Abortion Rights Action League, and a lesbian. WAY left-of-center, right? It has to be said that she is also pretty good at her job, so maybe it has to do her with success at the job instead of her gossipy extracurricular resume.

However, he is still treading a very fine line now because of the fact that California has just as many radical Republicans as it does Democrats, and he is trying to make friends with the Democrats while not pissing off the Republicans. Very. Fine. Line.

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