Saturday, December 24, 2005

04. No T.V. Party Tonight (feat. Henry Rollins)

Quick bone to pick. I always hear people telling people that America isn’t a country that believes in violence. They say, “That’s not MY America. We are a liberal country that promotes peace.” This is stupid. America is SO violent. Besides us having the highest gun-related murder rate in the world, WE ALSO BUTT INTO SITUATIONS AND START FIGHTS. America is a violent country, this is a violent society we live in and anyone who can’t say that doesn’t understand the situation. John Lennon wrote “Imagine” with the idea that we aren’t at ALL like the song. “Imagine no possessions.” Which is okay and all, but the weird socialist, communistic anarchism that he talks about in the song isn’t that cool sounding to me. No possessions? I want my MTV!!!

Free To Be You And Me


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