Friday, December 23, 2005

03. Sneaky Feelings (an ode to the better Elvis)

photo courtesy of Daisy's Funnies.
Eavesdropping. I consider myself a great people watcher. Coming from a background in filmmaking, I can look at a situation and pick out certain nuances to add much further depth into what I’m seeing. I pride myself on it. Bush admitted to eavesdropping, but tried to claim that it was legal and within the laws of the Patriot Act. Which is stupid. Everything about this is stupid. Even republicans like Rep. Mary Bono (Sonny, not Irish) believe this is stupid. Here’s my problem with it. What constitutes (ironic word use recognition time) the boundaries he can use? What if I ask my friend if he’s been to Washington D.C. lately to visit all the tourist attractions and to see the Cherry Blossoms open? Am I gonna start hearing clicking noises on the other end of my line?

Here’s where the line gets blurred. Or thinned, I’m not sure which is which. What if they catch onto a MAJOR drug deal. Technically, it’s not a terrorist threat. But that would be a huge break for their fight against drugs. They have no jurisdiction getting involved legally, right? I’m sure there’s something they can say to bypass that, but it doesn’t seem legal, even though something like that would be a good thing to stop. Down with drugs, up with hugs.

Free To Be You And Me


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, good point. I don't know which way I really feel about this, except to say that it creeps me out to think that they could be listening to ME! On the other hand, what if they had caught the guys planning 9/11 before by eavesdropping. Interesting, huh?

12/23/2005 5:38 PM  

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