Thursday, December 22, 2005

02. Britney Spears On The Cover of Rolling Stone

I read the Economist. Not because it is foreign, and therefore funny when they write colour, and honour. Hehe. But also because they know their shit. And they know it better than other people who do the same job for other magazines. Time Magazine is having a problem where they think the way to attract kids my age is by dumbing down the topics, making sentences smaller and injecting more youth culture references into their writing. Cool! I applaud them for tackling some of the youth-oriented subjects, like Kanye West, who is amazing in many ways, but also because I genuinely believe someone there WANTS kids my age to get more involved. Tight! Rolling Stone tries its weakened tired hand at politics sometimes, and I approve. I really just flip through them, looking at the caricatures and then going to the semi-nude pictures of whoever it is on the cover. (Aside: remember Britney Spears’ first layout?) But nonetheless, fill it with whatever vaguely left-wing opinion you want. People will choose to read it, some people won’t. Opinions may change, or they may be reinforced. Fetch!

Because what marketing experts don’t understand, as well as magazine publishers and whomever else gets paid for pretending to know anything at all, is that we have opinions. We have beliefs and we have convictions. However, they are based pretty much on hearsay and misinformation. I think it is noble for venues like MTV to air a show about middle East tensions, but without following up on the current events or researching further after the show, the most in depth a person will get into that relationship is questioning why everyone dresses up as a Halloween ghost, 365 days a year.

What do y’all think? Is there any hope to trying to reach out to my generation on a topic as intense and important as politics? Leave a comment.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't YOU think there's a point to reaching out? Someone will have to lead this country once we're gone (aged 40+). I feel like this debate is like Bye Bye Birdie (an old movie, definetly before your time)

12/31/2005 12:42 AM  

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